Store point allows the purchase easier after the launch of its application on Android and iOS

"متجر نقطة" نقطة البداية لشراء إكسسوارات الهواتف وآلات الاسبريسو المتنقلة

Store has become the point day after day, after that the organizers have to provide many of the accessories, machines espresso, purses, and other products of different brands, and came round to launch the App Store application on the smartphone operating system Android and iOS.

Users can go to App Store and download the app from store, Google Play or the Apple App Store App Store and enjoy browsing and preview dozens of different products and original guarantees official agents in Saudi Arabia, and then complete the buying process smoothly.

Genuine products variety and to ensure the agency

Store offers mid-point of the original with a guarantee agency in the Kingdom, and classification between machines espresso, banks, power chargers, loudspeakers, headsets, tires headphones, screen protection, rules of install mobile, Musk, in addition to handbags.

And speaking of featured products in the store, it should be pointed out, machine espresso Mobile representative of the brand Cessna, and the mobile or power bank capacity 20,100 Milli-amp/ hour provider of Port electric by Ralph Bauer.

And more than that, you can obtain a headset Vava – Voom 27 – 5-in-1 which contains wireless charger, alarm clock, digital clock, Bluetooth, alloy, radio, stylish design of the cloth. You can also get pregnant sliced June 7-in-1 which offers a great help in traveling with him to save the slides, memory cards, Micro in a safe place.

Trademarks and products are guaranteed

Store provides a range of high quality products from brands possible; was in the WOODCESSORIES, the JBL (JBL), RAF Bauer (RavPower), which will be called Tic (Cisno Tech), as well as June (Uniq), Rana (a Ringke), Moore plus (, and Vava (VAVA), as well as the end of the wick (Sensorwake).

How can purchase through the store points?

Be purchase easily via the app or official website, as payment process will not require a lot of complications because the site gives a lot of options to suit all persons.

Anyone can purchase from the store during the payment via card over the credit cards of visa and MasterCard, or even by bank transfer or cod charge.

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