Store sales Alibaba in Singles Day Plan $ 30 million

As is the case every year, the day singles in China one of the Happy Days to follow Ali Baba, who says the protection of significant cuts or, rather, a festival of great shopping knows tens of billions on the company.

This year the company continued to smash numbers by the standard in order to know how strong the sales figures here are some numbers.

  • After 85 seconds sales reached 1 million
  • After 5 minutes sales reached 3 million
  • During the hours Sales reached 10 billion
  • After 16 hours planning a sales 25 million

In the end the company was able to break a sales record last year 25.3 million and achieved historic sales again reached to 30.8 million, a new record.

A lot of brands have benefited from Singles Day to achieve sales such as Apple and Dyson and Gap and Nike and many others where all companies are eager to participate, especially if what we to sales on Singles Day, more than the sales of Black Friday and cyber Mondale combined .

Now you look at the history of the development of numbers of Singles Day sales have store Alibaba historically:

  • 2011 | 0.82$
  • 2012 | 3.04$
  • 2013 | 5.08$
  • 2014 | 9.03$
  • 2015 | 14.03$
  • 2016 | 17.08$
  • 2017 | 25.03$
  • 2018 | 30.08$


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