Strange rules of the astronauts who will make you cancel your space journey

Many of us in childhood dreamed of becoming an astronaut and see the Earth in a window of a space station or ship. Fact: astronauts are those lucky few who managed to fulfill the dream of millions, but life in space for them was not the adventures recounted in his novels the writers of science fiction. As it turned out, life on the space station has its oddities, is able to make you completely forget about your childhood dream.

The life of an astronaut in orbit every day reminds quest for survival

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As the astronauts sleep?

A closed space, mental and emotional stress, magnetic storms — all this gravely undermines the health of the brave explorers of outer space. In order to reduce the negative effects caused by long-term presence in Earth orbit, the astronauts need to sleep every few sunrises during the impromptu “nights”. In practice, this means that during rotation of the International space station around the Earth, astronauts see a sunrise and sunset every 1.5 hours, forcing them to go to sleep every few sunrises to achieve one more or less full “night’s” rest.

In addition, in order not to accidently “float away” during sleep, with their beds, researchers have to zip up in our sleeping bags, and then fastened with special belts. They also use eye masks to block out any light and try to follow the set sleep schedule for early adaptation to new conditions.

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In space you don’t know whether you need the toilet or not

Zero gravity affects the human body in a variety of ways, which often lead to reduction in muscle mass and weakening of bones. In addition, the absence of gravity also makes it almost impossible to determine when exactly you need to go to the bathroom. Pressure on the bladder, which usually warns you of the need to defecate in space is completely absent, which leads to the need to use adult diapers during take-off, landing and spacewalks.

The lack of in orbit any gravity forcing researchers to use diapers during the most important missions

However, while on the International space station, astronauts use a specially designed bathroom. A specially developed device absorbs waste, turning urine into drinking water, and all solid waste is pressed and sent into a multifunctional spacecraft “Progress”, which resets all the garbage in the Earth’s atmosphere where the burn safely, failing to reach our goals. In order to learn how to use the space toilet, the astronauts undergo special training on Earth, because the hole is so important for life in orbit, the device is quite small and doesn’t look like their earthly counterpart.

After training, the astronauts covered in sweat

In order to prevent or at least to slow down the deformity of the muscles that occurs in microgravity. all astronauts during their stay on the ISS have to train at least 2 hours a day. The active load on the body lead to the appearance of sweat, which behaves very differently than on Earth. So, in zero gravity, the sweat drips from your skin, it sticks to you and collected in small balls. You can swim with these drops of sweat on your body, but the astronauts wipe the liquid with a towel, it is harvested and filtered. As their urine, the filtered pot is used as drinking water.

In order to prevent the degradation of muscle tissue, the astronauts must spend on the treadmill at least 2 hours a day

In space it is better not to cry

Despite the opportunity every day to see the picturesque views from the Windows of the ISS on a bright blue Ground, the homesickness can capture any and create the desire to cry, thereby facilitating their emotional state. However, the astronauts better not too homesick in the cosmos, because to cry in this harsh place quite uncomfortable. In space, tears rolling down the face, but remains in drops around your eyes and sting.

In space, astronauts lose their sense of smell

On Earth, all bodily fluids are governed by the laws of gravity, so they usually move down your body. In space, however, it’s not at all so. Body fluids are literally everywhere, so not the most pleasant substance, like mucus, clog up the head of the astronauts, giving them the symptoms of the common cold. One such unpleasant symptoms is a weaker sense of smell, because of which the preferences of the astronauts food in orbit is significantly changed. Most astronauts cosmic love spicy foods such as Tabasco sauce and hot peppers.

The astronauts launch their dirty underwear into a fiery death

Despite the fact that during the execution of the works in space, the astronauts wear bulky spacesuits in everyday life on the ISS they use is absolutely familiar to us clothes, which tends to become dirty with time. Although most advanced technology on the space station is worth millions of dollars, scientists living on the ISS do not have a washing machine or even dryer. In order to get rid of its dirty linen, the researchers have to pack your clothes in bags and then place it in a special spaceship-kamikaze heading for a suicide mission. The spacecraft is flying toward Earth, where it burns up upon re-entering the atmosphere. What seems to be creating a washing machine for astronauts can be a good idea for a startup for new entrepreneurs.

In space you can’t eat bread

In 1965, during the flight of spacecraft “Gemini-3” two astronauts somehow smuggled aboard a corned beef sandwich. Although the offense may seem minor, in terms of ISS bread crumbs were floating everywhere and sow chaos here, as were the astronauts in the eye. In addition, getting crumbs in the electrical panel could completely destroy the space station, causing a major fire.

Since then bread has been completely banned for use in space. In order to somehow alleviate the plight of the poor astronauts, some scientists currently engaged in development of special technology that allows you to bake bread directly on a space station and no crumbs. Well, let’s see what this one will turn out.

In space you can’t eat bread, but you can eat tortilla

In space you can’t drink alcohol

In the case that the astronauts might want to relax with a beer after an 8-hour spacewalk, they can expect a very unpleasant reaction from NASA. First, the space Agency wants astronauts were drunk, as this can entail a danger in the event of an emergency, and secondly, zero gravity affects the bubbles, turning beer into a solid foamy mess. And Yes, beer ISS not.

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All astronauts must learn Russian language

Cosmonaut training includes not only studying mathematics, physics and exercise — they also need to learn the Russian language. Yes, astronauts from Russia in this regard may be much easier in contrast to their foreign colleagues, for whom the study of the Russian language may seem the most difficult task during pre-training.

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