Strategic game the global Rise of Kingdoms is now available in Arabic !

After numerous appeals from all the Arab players to the developers of the game Rise of Kingdoms the world has been finally add the Arabic language to the game’s latest and most advanced generation of strategy games of the world which excels on the world games like Clash of Clans and lords Mobile and other other games.

اللعبة الإستراتيجية العالمية Rise of Kingdoms متوفرة الآن باللغة العربيةStrategic game the global Rise of Kingdoms is now available in Arabic

From the depths of obscurity to the tops of the legends, going to be the author of the history of your civilization. You will see Wars epic change in the world. Or will it remain as the leader of the Fadhil known about you, wise? You will explore the unknown Scout is? Or Will You Be yourself to help your people?

The most important features of the game Rise of Kingdoms :

  • The first game of the background history and historical information about the civilizations that you can play them within the game.
  • Include the game 11 different civilization, as there is in more than 34 champion date representing different civilizations.
  • The game is characterized by the potential of modern due to the development of its most modern programming in addition to the quality of the graphics GPU is wonderful.

  • The development of the map of the world is very wide and organized wars of kingdoms and migration to and from the kingdoms.
  • Each player plays a nursery which he loves as he can switch between different civilizations.
  • Having the skills of the heroes you can develop them and strengthen them, such as equestrian, invasion, defense, Garrison and many of the skills.
  • Pool game Inter games strategy games role-playing.
  • Feature zoom the big map thanks to the use of the game to the latest methods of programming the games.
  • The presence of two civilizations Islamic Wars heroes think of the most powerful heroes of the game ” of Arab and Ottoman”.
  • Supports the Arabic language.

Possible in the game is a fierce competition between the players who belong to different civilizations, you’ll find alliances stroller strong and compete with other civilizations such as Roman, English, Chinese, Japanese etc!

Exchange the content inside the servers of the game, to learn more about the game click on this hashtag:



Download game Rise of Kingdoms for iPhone and Android :

Coder: Lilith Games

Price : free

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