Strategy Samsung brilliant consumers made Koreans flock to Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold ---

Needed Samsung to re-structure its brand and consumers referred to as a manufacturer of devices of high quality to persuade customers to buy its smartphone rollaway Galaxy Fold after watching his initial. The phone version Galaxy Fold for the first time in South Korea where run out of the first batch of pre-orders quickly.

This is the era of hype, Samsung know this very well. So, controlled strictly on the supply to the increased demand on her smart phone rollaway in South Korea. Refers reports to local customers who were unable to request the phone advance now pay 20 to 25 percent more just to buy the phone Galaxy Fold from distributors. Scarcity is a tactic commonly used not only to increase sales but to create hype about the product. Considered the manufacturers of shoes are best to adopt this strategy.

The phone still Galaxy The Fold is unclear. It is not like any other smartphone in the market. I didn’t talk to the customers any opportunity to interact with the device physically, since revealed by Samsung earlier this year. Add to that the scarcity even after the launch of the phone in South Korea as reasons for help in high demand for the Galaxy Fold until now.

Since it has not yet opened pre-orders for the second batch of the phone, some customers who managed to get one in the first batch they now re-sell their units via the internet. The cost of the Galaxy Fold formally equivalent 2012 US $ in South Korea, but the distributors are getting the equivalent of 2515 USD for the device itself.

It is reported that the company Samsung has launched what is between 1000 and 2000 units of the Galaxy Fold in South Korea over the past week. Scheduled to be displayed the second batch for pre-order on the 18th day of September, and will ship units as of September 26. It will be interesting to see whether Samsung will use the same strategy in another place.

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