Streaming service movies coming from Disney in the next year you will get the name of the ” +Disney “


I also hear a lot of people, probably, it is expected that the company Disney launched the service broadcast films and serials in the year 2019. Remain the details related to this service such as price and date of launch exactly unexpected we have at the moment, but we at least know the name now you’ll get this service.

The name chosen Disney to serve the Broadcast Film own is the +Disney. In fact, this name is not a surprise when we look at the fact that the sports network ESPN, a subsidiary of Disney has their own streaming service which bear the name of the +ESPN. Thus, it is not surprising to hear now that the company Disney chose +Disney as a noun to serve streaming movies.

As expected, the service will be +Disney Home various films and series offered by the company, including films, Disney movies, Marvel movies, Star Wars also, for example, but not limited to. The Disney also indicated that we should expect to see some of the films, a subsidiary of Pixar in addition to National Geographic in its service.

As we said earlier, has not confirmed to us by Disney after when Will you exactly release the service of streaming movies in the next year. And for those interested, they can head to the official website of the company on the internet and subscribe to the mailing list to be notified when the launch of the service.



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