Streaming service movies +Disney will be released on November 12 for $ 6.99 USD per month


Given the size of the company Disney, especially after acquiring the company, Fox, we’re sure that many are anxiously waiting when the company will launch service to broadcast films and serials, which bear the name of the +Disney. The good news is that if you are looking forward to this service, you’ll be happy to know that Disney have confirmed to us now that they will launch this service in day 12 of November next.

The company had earlier reported that it will launch service +Disney later this year, but did not remember when exactly you’re gonna do it, at least until now. When it comes to price, it seems that Disney require to crush competing services such as Netflix, they are the pricing service +Disney estimated at 6.99 $ per month or 69.99 USD per year.

And when you consider the recent increases seen in the prices of Netflix, which aroused the resentment of a sizable number of customers, it is not hard to imagine that the price will be among the features that will lead customers to move to service +Disney along with catalog clear Company, which includes the movies Star Wars and Disney and Marvel. Apart from that, it has hinted the company Disney as well prior to they will reduction characteristic of the participants who decided to buy +ESPN and Hulu with it, but she didn’t remember as this will be the package.

Service will be launched +Disney first in the USA before being launched after that in more of the other markets around the world.

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