Streaming service YouTube TV apply in other areas in the United States

Started YouTube the expansion of the new service, YouTube TV, which launched in February of 2017 for the first time, where the service includes now 98% of U.S. markets.

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Announced YouTube for providing the YouTube service TV in other areas in the United States, where confirmed YouTube previously the service is available in a number 100 area of the major markets in the United States, and today apply the service to other areas in the United States, where the company added support 95 new market, which claims to cover 98% of U.S. markets.

He also confirmed the company YouTube on their plans to push the service to other markets in the United States during the coming period, only that the networks broadcast major in the service of YouTube TV from ABC, CBS, Fox along with NBC will not be available for all markets, where he is scheduled to be broadcast 3 networks for some regions in the service of YouTube, to TV, to the 19 market on the feature to broadcast 3 networks while the remaining markets with a broadcast of the 4 networks full.

It is planned that the service is available YouTube TV incurs monthly $ 40, with the advantage of cloud services that come to the store unlimited.


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