Strong start to develop Dragalia Lost in Japan


We would have known earlier about the strong cooperation between the company into Japanese, and the company CYgames specialized in games for smart devices, which have the game super stars in Japan Granblue Fantasy. The fruit of this joint collaboration is a free game customized for smart devices Dragalia Lost, In addition to the purchase of a company into 5% of the shares of CYgames.

This app had gained more than a million pre-order before its launch on Store App Store and Google Play, and has launched application is already in a few countries such as Japan and the United States of America. Well, the agency Sensor Tower moved that the application has made a strong opening already, and the game is now is the most downloaded on Apple’s App Store in Japan.

In addition, the Dragalia Lost succeeded in entering the list of the most 20 applying pounds of profits in Japan, and that even though it is available since a few days only. Undoubtedly, we believe that this application will pay a lot of money on the two companies.

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