Stronger phones, 2019 product support to its 5G network

Is the fifth-generation networks more exciting techniques is expected through 2019, where support in many countries around the world, using company phones to unlock their devices leading supporting the technical preparation for its deployment.

Expected to reach all phones 2020 leading support 5G networks, but the case is different for 2019, where the most prominent phones available support for are:

Galaxy S10 5G Nokia 10

Samsung announced that there is a version of the Galaxy S10 Deluxe supports 5G networks, to come to a 6.7 inch display and 4 cameras background and 12 gigabytes of RAM and 1 terabyte of internal memory and a battery 4,500 mAh, wait for the arrival of some states in the second quarter of 2019. Which is likely to launch the Galaxy Note 10 the support networks of the fifth generation.

Google Pixel 4

Due to the launch of the phones Google Pixel leading and for the second year, and will adopt Snapdragon 855, back to the support networks of the fifth generation.

A special version of the OnePlus

Use the OnePlus to review the model of phone that supports 5G networks during the Mobile World Congress held during the days, despite the lack of information about the specifications and details of the phone, given the cost of support 5G networks associated with the current situation, due to reports that the phone is not OnePlus 7, it is a new version of the company characterized by its organs leading low prices.

However, there is a strong possibility that come the OnePlus 7T support 5G networks, as despite the efforts of the company to maintain price possible, they usually be one of the early supporters to the new value.

Huawei P30 and 30

I knew Huawei for the past two years provide higher-speed communication of data by competitors; as he was dead 10 Pro the first to offer a connection speed of 1.2 It second and 20 Pro the first to offer a connection speed of 1.4 It per second.

Huawei already announced that her phone rollaway associated with its review during the Mobile World Congress after a couple of days supports 5G network, so it is very expected to support a series P30 network 5G when released late March, and also support the series Dead 30 for when they are released late this year.

LG V50 ThinQ

Stating that the leaks to the LG V50 ThinQ associated with his declaration during the days of the World Conference for mobile supports Snapdragon 855 modem for X50, which offers support 5G networks, says that the battery of the phone will increase capacity by 20% to 4,000 mAh and the phone comes with a camera background of the trilogy.

IPhone 2019

Reports that the Apple TV can’t support 5G networks by 2020 due to disputes with Qualcomm, which has become taken depends on the modem of Intel, but a Reuters report last month reported it is studying the possibility of a partnership with Samsung or MediaTek Oklahoma to provide modem support 5G networks iPhone 2019.

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