Studies find that developers have interest in the reality of the virtual more than the Xbox and mobile devices


A recent study conducted found recently during the Game Developers Conference that there are a growing number of developers who want to develop more games for virtual reality. According to the study, it is reported that the percentage interest in the technology of virtual reality amounted to 33%, which puts her in fourth place when it comes to the most important for developers.

Based on this, the platform of virtual reality is just behind the likes of computers, which got 59%, and a Playstation 4 Pro which I got 39%, and Nintendo Switch, which got 36%. In fact, caring actually the virtual higher compared with the attention she’s getting some other platforms such as Xbox One/Xbox One X and even operating platforms portable. Moreover, the attention of the developers actually virtual top of their interest by the other such as helmets augmented reality, computers, Mac, table games, games site.

However we must point out that this is just a damn prototype, which means that it remains to be seen whether these developers will continue their plans to create more games and applications for virtual reality. Moreover, this study does not take into consideration some other aspects such as susceptibility to marketing. However, the interest is just to say rather than do, especially when it seems that other companies are hurtling towards augmented reality.

For example, companies such as Apple once great aid to States actually enhanced through the addition of features to the iPhone, launch package development software augmented reality ARKit, as well as working with different companies to develop apps and games that take advantage of augmented reality technology, there are also rumors that Apple is working on the helmet augmented reality. In both cases, the future is the only sponsor to tell us about what if the technology of virtual reality will become something big, but now assume that the interest of the growing reality of the virtual is an encouraging start.


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