Studies find that the majority of customers are satisfied with iPhone X, with the exception of Siri

iPhone X

Maybe Siri is the first digital assistant smart launched the modern smart phones, but unfortunately it turns out that the capacity of this digital assistant is not in line with what is announced by Apple in the beginning. However, over the years, Apple made several improvements to the digital assistant Siri, but the data in the past showed that the competitors provide better performance than Siri.

For this reason, we are not surprised when we learned that, according to the study survey recent users of iPhone X the first, it was shown that most often customers were satisfied with the phone except for the digital assistant Siri. Found a poll that on the basis of who participated, the phone iPhone X got the satisfaction of 97 percent of clients in general.

In particular, 90 percent of customers are satisfied with the decision to remove the button to Main the actual sensor fingerprint Touch ID, but as we said earlier, the digital assistant Siri satisfaction for only 20 percent of customers who participated in this poll. Although Siri is not a bad feature, but it lacks certain features owned by the helpers of digital competitors such as Google Assistant, and Alexa.

There are rumors saying that Apple may require to fix Siri, and behold the lists of recent recruitment to Apple to work on the launch of an enhanced version of the digital assistant Siri. In fact, there were also some reports that suggest that Apple put in their plans, so the option of re-developing the digital assistant Siri from scratch. Generally, we will have to wait for some time before we see to what extent will improve the digital assistant Siri.


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