Studies prove the appearance of changes in The Shape of a skull users of smart phones

Revealed a team of doctors in a scientific study recently about the appearance of changes in The Shape of a skull users of smart phones or tablet devices, where the curvature of the user on the phone for long periods to the emergence of a protrusion in the bottom of the skull to adapt to the new position of the neck.

Many of the people now a lot of clocks on smartphones or tablet devices in the curvature of the neck, in a report published recently a study conducted through a team of doctors and researchers monitor some of the changes that appear in the composition of the skull of the users of smart phones come in the image of the burrs appear at the end of the skull.

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The study was conducted on the age group ranging from 18 to 30 years, where they prove the study that this extrusion appears to gradually have a network to adapt to the new position of the neck, as a result of breaking their hearts neck to look for the phone for long hours, as the study has emphasized that this phenomenon is spotted in the younger age groups in particular, while different in age groups over 30 years, as revealed X ray scan of the specimen that have undergone the study on the emergence of this extrusion by up to 40% in young people in particular.

Includes a team of doctors, researchers and journalists to bend neck for long hours for smartphones or tablet devices leads to transfer compression loading to the bottom of the neck from the bottom of the skull.

As pointed out by team of researchers in the study noted that the average hours spent by young people in the age groups of 18 to 30 years on smart phones is 3 hours and 44 minutes a day, also confirmed a team of scientists on to the promontory that appears as a result of bending poses no harm to people necessarily, however, alert to the implications of using mobile devices for long periods and the consequent later changes in the composition of the human body.


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