Study: 70 percent of the largest banks and funds will start to sell the crypt in the next six months

Last week Samsung announced the intention to implement the blockchain in the system track deliveries. The company expects that the technology will allow you to reduce costs in the supply by 20 percent. Company interested not only distributed registry, which is the basis of cryptocurrency. According to research by Thomson Reuters, 70 percent of the largest banks and hedge funds are going to start trading cryptocurrency in the next three to six months.

Banks believe in cryptocurrency

Financial institutions considering bidding for three major coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero. According to analysts, the company became interested in cryptocurrency at the end of last year, when the Bitcoin exchange rate increased to 20 thousand dollars. Until now, the business looked to digital assets and waited for the decisions of regulators.

In the interest of companies is not affected even reducing the cost of the first cryptocurrency, noted Thomson Reuters analyst Neil penny.

Now cryptocurrencies are a small part of the global financial market. The survey showed that in the coming months, digital money will begin to flow into the overall flow of financial services.

Numbers analysts are sounding very optimistic. This is especially noticeable given the fact that the last time players of the stock market suffer from excessive attention of regulators and forced to cut services. However, I hope that prediction will be true.

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