Study: 89% of chief executives Saudis interested in the techniques of artificial intelligence

Company Ernst & Young (EY) says there’s 89% of the chief executives of the Saudis care about the techniques different in artificial intelligence to develop their business.

دراسة: 89% من الرؤساء التنفيذيين السعوديين مهتمين بتقنيات الذكاء الاصطناعي

Prepared company Ernst & Young (EY), which is one of the largest professional companies in the world commissioned by Microsoft.

New report, a move which revealed the being 89% of the executives of the Saudis expect to achieve artificial intelligence of immense benefits to their company in the future to improve their operations.

Said the head of company Microsoft Arabia, Dec. Thamer Harbi: “Saudi companies look attention to artificial intelligence, from the point of view of strategy, which is a positive sign for the future of technology within the kingdom, it begins to interest of artificial intelligence through the leadership of the chief executives identify business problems that must be solved, and despite limited activity in the area of artificial intelligence in Saudi Arabia over the past 10 years, the kingdom has managed the last year of entry investments exceeded half a million dollars.”

He explained the report, that 26% of Saudi companies are planning to effectively undertake the activities of the artificial intelligence with already having the indicators on the readiness of their application.

The ratio of companies that use technical and commercial operations 16%. Reported that 42% of companies Saudi Arabia the presence of levels of non-administrative around.

Referred to the report of “Ernst & Young” relied on various sources to examine the readiness of the application of artificial intelligence in the Middle East and North Africa.

How do you see the chief executives of artificial intelligence?

According to the report, there are 42% of the companies talked about having a debate about techniques of artificial intelligence, which is the highest of the countries of the region.

The bulk of the interview, the 37% of companies see the process as a priority not a top priority, where work on the foundations of the infrastructure needed for digital learning.

And through Steve’s List, president of the consulting data and artificial intelligence in the Middle East and North Africa have EY:”the problem of artificial intelligence is the biggest so far is that it does not provide correct results always, has given us the techniques of artificial intelligence the ability to make predictions, decisions and actions based on data faster than ever, but his efficiency by arranging efficiently, the data and software that use it. Therefore, while it’s great to see local companies invest in the adoption of artificial intelligence, but it should be a focus on building confidence, to the extent that the data and software basic reliable, be moral models and predictions of measurable and accurate. Without confidence, it is not the artificial intelligence from fantasy to reality at all.”

And 79% of companies Saudi Arabia the importance of artificial intelligence to the prediction of the risks and frauds or combined with intelligent automation to deliver work tasks to individuals, which leads in the end to improve the company’s operations.

It shows that chief executives have been with their line of Digital Transformation 2020 vision of the kingdom’s 2030 vision and their desire to move forward.

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