Study: Bitcoin was the coin with the lowest volatility

In early June Bicton volatility fell to the lowest since October last year. Then, analysts had predicted an imminent change of course — and the first cryptocurrency really sank thousands of dollars.

Now, researchers at AIER estimates that from 2013, the first cryptocurrency has remained less volatile than other popular coins: Ether, Ripple, Bitcoin and Litecoin Cash. The report lists NewsBTC.

The advantages of Bitcoin the analysts

The survey captures the period from 28 APR 2013 to June 4, 2018. In 2016, the Bitcoin reached its lowest daily values of the price change of 2 percent, and then rose to levels not seen since 2013 — course coin for the day was varied by an average of 4 percent. In comparison with the first crypto-currency other currencies have demonstrated greater volatility and less stable start, the authors of the study.

For example, the average change of the Air in 2015, four percent more than at the same time was observed in Bitcoin. In 2017 this figure for Ethereum has dropped to approximately one percent, partially due to the growth of the average daily change of the first cryptocurrencies.

Analysts also analyzed the frequency change rate of coins per day. Bitcoin Cash rose and fell more than 10 percent about once a week, whereas Bitcoin has demonstrated these results only 20 times since the beginning of 2013.

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