Study: Bitcoin will be the most profitable investment in 2019

In the industry of cryptocurrency while there is nothing better than Bitcoin. Even against bullrun 2017, when many new altcoins were aiming in the top 10 of our ranking, Bitcoin was able to hold first position in terms of market capitalization. According to experts of the consulting company A. T. Kearney, this is only the beginning of the triumph of the BTC.

In 2019 Bitcoin will be the most popular investment among the major players in the market. Since the position of the digital assets in the world are still not defined by financial regulators, investors do not risk investing their money in dubious projects and more trust in the main cryptocurrency.

What good is Bitcoin?

For real examples of the superiority of BTC need not look far — look at the loss of altcoins this year. Most have depreciated by at least 95 percent, whereas Bitcoin has fallen to only 79 percent.

In the future, the index of dominance of the main cryptocurrencies will continue to grow. 2019 will be the year of the “growing industry.” And after the reformation period, “the winner of the bout” will be Bitcoin.

The second decade for the industry of cryptocurrency begins with a period of maturation and consolidation after a bearish trend. By the end of 2019 Bitcoin will occupy two-thirds of the total capitalization of the stock market. While altcoins will rapidly lose its positions on the background of widespread distrust on the part of investors.

Overall, analysts believe the next year is good for Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency will find more making from financial regulators. The irony is that for the full bullrun digital assets need support from banks.

Source: Reddit

To survive until the third decade of its existence, cryptocurrencies need to get approval from the traditional financial system, the enemy, of which Bitcoin is supposed to overcome.

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