Study: domestic helper will tell you if you are facing the risk of cardiac arrest

With the help of artificial intelligence the Assistant will tell you which home in if you are at risk of infection with cardiac arrest .

دراسة: المساعد المنزلي سيخبرك إذا كنت تواجه خطر السكتة القلبيةStudy: domestic helper will tell you if you are facing the risk of cardiac arrest

Became artificial intelligence one of the most important factors in the development of the medical field, many research studies have shown its ability to analyze the disease.

But what about knowing without analysis or X-ray? This is what was developed by the University of Washington for two cardiac arrest, where the team conducted their research using artificial intelligence rely on the assistance of Home enables the user to know if he had been exposed to infection with cardiac arrest through the recognition of his voice and upload it.

The technology developed by the University of Washington to listen to the breathing method during through the recent user and measure their experiences with cardiac arrest.

To do this, the research team examined the types of recordings across different devices for either teachers or who have been exposed to the disease.

I have been taking the recordings through phones and other devices to avoid any mistakes of the future in the progress of the case, the research team said that the only problem facing artificial intelligence technology is being the error rate of the 0.22% but at the same time the proportion of very little, and at the same time they do not encounter any errors in diagnosis in the case of been listening to the user the limits of 10 seconds and more.

In order to achieve the greatest benefit from the technology assistant new home, the research team has launched a trademark bass Sound Life Sciences market.

Therefore, it is seen on all devices or not, especially if the brand require a license from the companies.

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