Study: half of adults in Saudi Arabia and the UAE are using Snapchat to communicate with their friends daily

Study Snape Sha long 10 thousands of participants from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Australia, France, Germany, India, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

دراسة: نصف البالغين في السعودية والإمارات يستخدمون سناب شات للتواصل مع أصدقائهم يوميًا

Revealed Snapchat about a new study on the role of cultures, work, and new techniques in the identification of priorities about friendship, and has contributed to 10 experts for friendship from all over the world in the study of data in and out of the final report. The study included 10 thousand subscribers from different parts of the Earth from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australia, France, Germany, India, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The Amy season Staff, president of the consumer reviews in Snapchat, said: “the commitment of Snapchat to enable self-expression and to strengthen the relations between true friends led us to delve into the attitudes, values and perceptions that portray the feelings of friendship between different cultures and generations. At the time, which may vary the nature of the friendship from one region to another and between different age groups, they undoubtedly play a major role in our happiness, we are committed to finding new ways to celebrate friendship and raise it to new heights via Snapchat.”

The report of the friendship of the Snapchat light on several points, including:

  • How it affects the interpretation of the different cultures of friendship circles of friendship: serve people in India and the Middle East and South-East Asia that possess a number of close friends the equivalent of three times what he owned to those in Australia, Europe and the United States.
  • How to arrange friendship happiness how should people who have no friends or mingle within the extremely large sets of friends, difficulty in speaking about their problems or share when they feel upset.
  • The way we look at Friendship composition significantly affected the age and Asia and the US: Generation Z (the generation that follows the millennials) in the United States have mutual friends with the baby boom generation in India is more than their ancestors.
  • Says Generation Z to amend his friendship away from the desire of the millennial generation networks are widespread and are looking for strengthening their relationship and intimacy with smaller groups.
The population of Saudi Arabia and the UAE enjoy friendships close to more than others

The study indicated Snapchat to the inhabitants of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE have close friends more than their counterparts from the state that took place in the study, since the population of Saudi Arabia have 6.6 a friend of the average, and owns the population of the UAE 6.4 friend of the average. On the other hand, the average friendships of individuals adults in the UK reached 2.6 a friend, according to the study.

The population of the Middle East, they expect technology to maintain their friendships and want to expand

The study indicated Snapchat that about 63% of the population of Saudi Arabia want to expand their relationships, said 55% of the population of the UAE is the same word. In comparison with other regions, 40% of participants from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia want the same thing.

He pointed towards the 36% of participants from the population of Saudi Arabia and the UAE they are looking to use applications and networks to talk with their friends, said 27% of participants from Europe, USA, Australia, same thing.

Returning to the basis of the study, the report indicated the presence of 49% of adults in Saudi Arabia, 43% of adults in the UAE are using the Snapchat application daily to talk with their friends. He said 30% of the respondents fully they are using the app throughout the day to communicate with friends.

And Miriam, care, and treatment specializing in personal relationships, this is the benefits offered by the use of video clips and pictures to communicate by saying: “any way to allow us to share the negative non-verbal communication, like video clips, can help us to feel near and familiarity to overcome the challenges of the relationship clearly”.

Referred to a report that is in partnership with the agency, “protein”, which included 10 thousand people between the ages of 13-75 years, including 500 from Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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