Study: only 8.5 percent of capturadora women

Only 7% of the Russian members of the crypto community — women, said in the April survey of Russian University of Economics named after G. V. Plekhanov. This figure compares with the world — among cryptocurrency traders women only 8.5 percent. This is reported by the creators of the analytical report of the organization of Etoro, which leads

Who sells crypt — researchers

The study was conducted from February 2017 to April 2018. Analysts analyzed the public profiles of traders and found that among them, 91.5 percent of men. The woman selling cryptomeria, often have no experience. In General among traders 81,96% have the status of beginners, 10.66 percent of trade on average, and 7.38% were professionals.

Operations with coins often carried out by representatives of industries of IT and Finance (15,05 and 8.48 percent, respectively). This is followed by employees in the sphere of sales and marketing (14.49%). The researchers said that 30 percent of traders have no other job: 13.85% students, 2% were pensioners, and the remaining 14.72 percent are unemployed.

Analysts have noted that women prefer to trade here, while the men Live, Bitcoin and Litecoin. What is the reason for such a choice is not specified.

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