Study: Play store full of apps steal your data

Revealed a research study conducted by an Australian university for the presence of a large number of applications counterfeit Store Google Play which steal users ‘ data, despite of the security measures applied by the store.

Continued study conducted by the University of Sydney with the Centre for research Data61 of the organization of Commonwealth Scientific and industrial research, for a period of two years and examined more than a billion Android app from the App Store.

The study was able to find on the 2040 applied fake holds the malicious software when the study sample size 49608 application was largely similar to the application of the Thousand most downloaded from the App Store, this is a serious indicator helps access these applications more easily to the user’s device.

The study also found that there are 1565 application within the research sample the same request at least 5 powers of the serious need for them, there are 1407 the application holds at least 5 libraries advertising in it differ from ad network Google.

Among the applications that warn them of the study mobile games are very popular, such as Temple Run, Free Flow, and Hill Climb Racing.

To facilitate the study of this large number of applications use the current neural network to learn the extent of similarity in the icons of the applications, and then prove that this analogy between the application of fake and Real may trick the user has to download it on his phone.

And used Service scan virus VirusTotal to scan files APK own.

The only good news here is that about 35% of apps infected with malware or ask the powers of the grave are no longer available on Google Play, and probably has been removed based on the complaints of users.

For its part, thinks Google on multiple aspects to protect the Android users, the Add-On For Play Protect which scan the existing apps on the device which is downloaded from the App Store, as well as the construction of its policies in accepting new applications what made the rejection rate rises to more than 55% as well as raised rates to stop apps from the App Store to more than 66%

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