Study: Russia occupies one of leading positions on the world market ICO

Only eight percent of the projects conducted the ICO in 2017, was a success, estimated by analysts of the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB). A quarter of companies were closed before the initial placement of tokens, and 67% of projects had attracted funding. Analysts of East-West Digital News (East West digital news) decided to look at the issue from the other side — according to their data, the Russian market leader among Eastern European countries by the number of ICO.

Features the ICO in Russia

In 2017, with companies from Eastern European region accounted for 17% of all conducted in the world of ICO and pre-ICO. In sum, the project gathered $ 1.2 billion, or 22% of all involved in this money market.

In total, according to East West digital news in the past year there have been 237 ICO, 130 of whom held Russian team. On the second place Estonia from 23 primary offerings of coins. Followed by Slovakia and Ukraine — ICO 22 and 13, respectively.

Thus, Russia is the undisputed regional leader and one of the largest ICO market in the world.

In recent years, venture capital has become difficult and expensive. In this situation the ICO for many startup founders is a more convenient way to attract investment.

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