Study: Samsung phones are most vulnerable to problem use !

Reported a study on the case of portable devices of reform and security of company Blanca competent in Data Security and diagnose mobile devices, Samsung phones are most vulnerable to problem use in the first quarter of 2018.

The report stated that usability problems faced by 27.4% of the phones Samsung 14% of the phones Shawty, 9.6% of Motorola phones.

But what do you mean these women? Means that 27.4% of Samsung phones were exposed for at least one due to defects in hardware or software during the period between January – April 2018.

For the iPhone, it was more problems with my phone the iPhone 6 then iPhone 6s by 22% and 15.2%, respectively.

Overall, 18.9% of Android phones have suffered from usability problems compared to 15.2% of phones iPhone.

While the largest share iPhone connection to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and use of the sky, was the biggest problems Android phones related to the general performance of the camera, microphone and charging the battery, and it was noted the high participation of general performance to 34% of the total usability problems Android phones, after it accounted for 10% from the same period last year.


Source: Blanco – PDF file

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