Study shocking: one in every three people uses his phone when food

It seems that many feel lost if they lose their smartphone or leave it a period of time. And this was the case, fans. not to worry, he is not alone to feel so. Arrived in the US to use the phone everywhere even in the washroom and the cover, and when the food and water, and visits to relatives, meeting family and friends, all with your head down looking at his phone, don’t talk of our consciousness, and so we realized.

دراسة صادمة: واحد من كل ثلاثة أشخاص يستخدم هاتفه عند الطعام

In a study conducted by researchers specializing in company Nutrisystem commercial, specialized in products and services for weight loss, that third of people do not recognize they have their meal without constipation on the phone and fix it.

Where they in their study surveyed the opinion of nearly 2,000 American adults about whether they were holding their phone and before and during eating. Answered and only 17% that they don’t recognize they their phones before and during food. The Millennial generation “term used to describe the population groups that consist of people who are born in the era between the beginning of the eighties, between 1980 maximum to the beginning of the year 2000” any of the now aged between 18 to 38 years they are using their phones before and during food.

Said Courtney McCormick a dietitian also works in this study: ” what we eat, and the quantity to which we turn, when we eat it, are the key things that we think of when trying to lose weight, forget the most important thing is the way of eating or how to eat?” This is certainly something no less important, as the way of eating right to start when we left the phone off the TV.

If you use your smartphone while eating can affect what you put in your mouth, according to the researchers.

Revealed poll that one third of the participants to eat quickly when they stare at their phones, not realizing how fast their food intake. He also revealed that displacement or distraction while eating, makes a person eats an excessive amount of food, thereby causing satiety and weight gain. Added Ms. McCormick: ” the results of early research that a thoughtful approach to eat may help you lose excess weight and eat less calories and fat.

In other studies: that of eating and is holding his phone or watching TV, it is a lot of eating snacks after that, apart from care about food and its importance to Allah they eat. Since memory plays an important role in appetite, you may run out of food in front of you then be surprised that you didn’t enjoy it are forced to further or eat light meals shortly after.

Are you someone who uses their phone when eating meals? And do you intend to continue after your battle damage? Tell us in the comments.



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