Study: speed of typing on the phones became a approach to write on keyboards

People can now write on their smart phones rapidly approach the speed of typing on keyboards of computers, according to a new study jointly between Aalto University and Finnish University of Cambridge and the University of Zurich for Applied Sciences.

The researchers conducted the study on more than 37,000 volunteer to test the online writing offer speed and the like and other factors related to writing on mobile devices. And the results? Made the people who wrote using two fingers only an average speed of 38 words per minute, at a slower rate by about 25% of the speed of typing on keyboards, and enable one person to write 85 words per minute on the phone.

Likely to become writing on the smart phones faster in the future, with lower use of physical keyboards, and the increased use of instant messaging applications, so that they are likely to fluctuate the gap, especially that most of the participants in the study said they spend about 6 hours a day using their phones.

Source: User Interfaces

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