Study: spend teenagers more than an hour in front of their phones makes them unhappy


P technological development witnessed by the world and increased reliance on smart devices is becoming the average age of children who get the first phone for them is only 10 years, as young people and adolescents are spending too much time in front of the screen of their smartphone, which is alarming, the study revealed shocking that teenagers who spend more than one hour a day on their smart phones they are unhappy and feel happy, where the work of researchers from the University of San Diego in the study of the relationship between feeling good by teenagers and the time they spend in front of the screen.

In order to reach a clear result of the study analyzed data collected from a survey of more than a million facilities in the United States, aged 12, 14 and 16, and in the survey asked the children questions about how much time they spend on their mobile phones, tablets and computers, as well as questions about their social and their sense of happiness.

مراهقة تستخدم الهاتفTeenagers and phones

According to “mirror” the British, the results showed that adolescents who spent a longer time in front of the screen were less happy than those who have spent time in doing other activities like exercise, reading, and spending time with friends, the researchers also found that the deprivation of those devices do not lead also to Happiness.

It was the happiest teenagers those who have used digital media for less than an hour in the day, the researchers said that an individual spend no more than two hours a day on digital media, and try to increase the time spent in meeting friends face to face and exercise.

The researchers found that when they began to smart devices in the non-proliferation since the nineties, there has been a general decline in happiness in the United States among adolescents, in particular, the low satisfaction of young people about life and their self-happiness after 2012, the year which increased the percentage of Americans who Own a smartphone to more than 50%.

The researchers added that the biggest change happened in the lives of teenagers between 2012 and 2016 is to increase the time spent on digital media.

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