Study : the accounts in the Instagram aims the Nile from the US President

دراسة : حسابات في انستجرام تهدف النيل من الرئيس الامريكيstudy : the accounts in the Instagram aims the Nile from the US President

Reported an independent study that accounts bearing the logo of the occasion the US President Donald Trump is part of a concerted campaign appeared on the application Instagram for social integration aimed at the president.

Said photo sharing application owned by Facebook, it is entitled to in the study and had already removed some of the accounts that I talked about.

Proved the occurrence of cyber attacks on the opponents to Trump in particular during the presidential election campaign in 2016 when the news about the spread of the trolls Rossi in social networking sites to assess the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.


The company said Ghost Dutch Italian download data the US president is now facing similar methods illegal, albeit on a limited scale, involving the creation of fake accounts and cyber attacks coordinated to spread the message of malignant competition to Trump.

Andrea said Strobe research director in Justin’s data ”we’ve uncovered about the small operation is probably part of something bigger. I feel that someone is experimenting with something. Choose the atmosphere. They know what they are doing“.

The study showed that some of the accounts of an apparently rules for using Instagram for example, use stolen photos of other individuals or work in conjunction with other accounts to spread the messages of malignancy.

A spokesman for Instagram told Reuters ”investigating the accounts involved and remove already accounts we discovered that they violated our policies“.

Said Strobe the research conducted by identified about 52 thousand accounts on Instagram suitable to Trump generally used keys ”hashtag“ of what is called monetising the president. Many of them are real accounts confuse the messages personal and political.

Among the accounts of about 350 ”account suspicious“ dedicated almost entirely to attack the US president, has published those accounts, about 121 thousand blog since October, 2016 attracted approximately 35.2 million of the interaction of ”likes“ and comments.

Added strobe ”what you can say is that this is a digital campaign against Trump used some of the same methods that were used to attack Hillary Clinton in 2016“.

The number of users of the application Instagram to million users which shows the small number of accounts that see their ghost data compared to the total. But analysts say that even the limited number of users have major impact if he’s able to post messages on a large scale.

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