Study: the use of phones while driving more dangerous than alcohol

The company issued a Zendrive to improve the driving behavior a new study suggests that drivers who use smartphones while driving more dangerous than drunk drivers.

The company has analyzed the data of 1.8 million drivers and 4.5 million miles of driving on the roads over the course of 3 months, indicating that pedestrian deaths reached the highest level since 30 years, due to the leadership of dispersed and non-coding because the use of smart phones.

The company found that addicts using smartphones while driving has doubled in the last year of 2018, in time who knows where the people that the leadership is dispersed and lack of focus problem, but they don’t care enough to change their behavior.

The use of phones while driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do on the road, at a time of a growing addiction to cell phones, despite strict laws and penalties in many states around the world.

Source: Zendrive

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