Study: Twitter’s mechanism was a greater impact of people on the Americans during the elections

دراسة: التغريدات الآلية كان لها تأثير أكبر من الأشخاص على الأمريكيين أثناء الانتخابات

Revealed group of researchers about the important role played by Twitter accounts of the mechanism or what it is called to a vote bot, which is based the mechanism of its action system is similar to the mechanism of action of an autoresponder, so as to analyze the content of a tweet for example to purchase and send tweets similar to the pattern of mg.

And the researchers of the National University in Australia to these fake accounts, had an impact twice higher than the human influence on the course of elections it 2016 between Trump and Clinton, their impact on the views of the general public particularly away from the important personalities in the country.

The structure of the study carried out by researchers on analysis of the 6.4 million tweets were broadcast in about 90 minutes, before and after and in the midst of the debate’s first election, between the candidates, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump at the time, added one of the researchers in the team to a million and a half account was active at that time, the proportion of fake accounts that use the Twitter bot to clear dramatically were 4.8 of the total accounts.

According to the researchers that these fake accounts are found to be the tendency of the political to more people in support of the Republican Party, where they find it more effective in influencing public opinion influencers globally cope Winfrey rich from the definition, which you know by a mile its democracy.

Have been other studies conducted earlier claimed the fact that 20 – 30% of the accounts in the twitter in this period it was fake, to come to this new study refute those results, the question remains here: does automated calculations of counterfeit behind the assumption of the trump throne of the most powerful in the world?

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