Study: whales Ethereum create imaginary decentralization

December 1, 2018 in the blockchain of Ethereum has been a series of very strange events. The first incident noted by analysts ORS CryptoHound, they also published a report on the largest transactions in the network of cryptocurrency. It turns out that the “rich” cryptococal Ethereum can conduct a series of machinations to create the appearance of decentralization.

Who is manipulating the crypt

So, the experts reviewed hundreds of the largest transactions on the Ethereum blockchain in the last quarter of last year. In their research, they noticed a rather strange pattern of behavior in which blockchain-elite performs certain actions.

  • The six largest cryptocell Ethereum has done several large transactions with a total amount of 500 million dollars at the exchange rate at the time of the transaction.
  • More than 90 percent of all tokens of each of the purses were coin OmiseGo.
  • All the addresses of the six mentioned was created in one day.
  • Addresses were involved in a strange manipulation of the Ethereum. After a few dozen transactions of all coins sorted ETH was among 39 new purses, each of which is now stored exactly 150 000 ETH.

It is clear that all the operations of the six largest addresses Ethereum was clearly coordinated among themselves. What does it mean really?

The team that conducted the study made clear that most of the “elite” Ethereum belongs to a narrow circle of people or even one person. Whales koordiniruyutsya each other to create the appearance of a certain activity on the blockchain, if the distribution of cryptocurrency is decentralization.

Source: Waking Times

Chief analyst at ORS CryptoHound Fabrizio Fontana noted the great contribution of AI developers, with which the study was conducted.

This work is one of the first full applications of artificial intelligence to analyze the blockchain. Our goal is to create a simple platform that would help ordinary users to get as much information as possible about the transaction or specific addresses.

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