Stuff — all important tasks in a widget on the smartphone screen

Record upcoming assignments is not only stylish, but effective. Visualization enables you to prioritize and due to this approach the work as efficiently as possible, and there already and the results are not far off. Locking tasks will help Stuff. The program allows you to add records in a few clicks, create custom categories and personalize the widgets. In this case it is easy to understand regardless of the experience of using such applications.

To get started, add the corresponding widget to your desktop. Annex welcomes the user and then shares the basics of management. To add a job click on the category to change the contents of Tusk click on it. To amend the General list of the tasks after clicking on the right edge of the widget.

Get acquainted with the opportunities in practice — adding task. To do this, specify the description and category. The latter indicates the execution time of the task. It could be today, tomorrow or ever. The end result looks like.

When entries in the list will be too much, should look to its extensive editing. To do this, right-click on the widget frame and see the whole breadth of capability Stuff.

Tasks can be moved between categories, and the names of the past can be changed. In addition, set the desired color category, so he looked good against the background.

The application is made in English, but after small modifications it is suitable even for not polyglots. The names of the categories set any.

By the way, the shape and size of the widget is also adjustable. In the end, it will fit under any Desk.

Stuff easily accustom users to setting goals and their consistent implementation. The app is suitable for all owners of Android devices who are tired of writing on paper.

Application: Stuff — Todo Widget
Developer: mlhgdevelopment
Category: Work
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

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