Stunt hidden see the file size of the iPhone

Have user of for iPhone to use apps from the App Store to see the size of the image files, but what not many know is that there is an easier way to know the size of the file by the application shortcuts (Shortcuts).

For those who don’t know, the Application Shortcuts is the development of the Apple TV, has arrived for iPhone andiPad , especially since iOS 12, is intended to test long steps with the usual step or two. If you can’t find the app installed on your device, you can download it from the App Store for free.

The steps below will be executed by the one time, where we will create a tool that tells you the size of any file you share with them, and it will come.


1 – open the application shortcuts and click the + sign top right.

2 – Click on the box to create a shortcut.

3 – set the name you want in the next window, and enable the option to show in the share menu.

4 – since this tool allows to see the files, choose the type: files, images, media, as the picture show.

5 – after that, click on the shortcut to it and select the Add button command (Add Action) and then type “Get details of files” in the search box, and select the result.

6 – after you sign up, you’ll see it as shown in the following picture, click on the word Detail blue, and the size of the files “File Size”, and you can choose other information like file extension, date created and last modified, and so on.

7 – now, the rest is a last resort, to show the size of any file in notice when you order it, and to do that, add something else (Add Action) and look for the “Show Notification” and then choose it.

8 – after you choose Show notice, change the default text on a “Hello World” to something of your choice such as “king size” or “information on file”.

9 – here’s over, all you need to know the size of any file is selected and then click on the share button, and a list of participating choose the shortcut that you just made, and when it will show file size as the picture show.

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