Stupid Android games that are worth a try

The most popular mobile operating system, Android is known for its ever-expanding app market. In the store Google Play, which gradually became universal in the digital market, there are programs for every taste. Present among them, and games, covering all possible genres. From simple runners to strategy, simulation and even gaming in virtual and augmented reality. But the stand out projects, at first glance, that the question arises as to how the meme, “what are you?”. However, among these projects there are things that are worth a try personally. As for the stupid “cover” hides the fun “content.”

A ridiculous appearance sometimes hides a fun game

The contents

Silly Walks Silly walks

The game is pretty much exactly what the name suggests — you need to make a “dangerous walk” in the bad area. You have to get used to the role of pineapple, noodle, cupcake, or any other equally ridiculous character and save his friends from the infamous “the evil blender”. This game also has exciting boss battles, and a pretty exciting race, and fun puzzles. So will not be bored. Quite varied, though strange looking adventure.

Download: Silly Walks

Dumb Ways to Die 2 — Death is not the end

Dumb Ways to Die 2 it is easy to guess, continued. As in the first part, then you are encouraged to take control of the character (which, as usual, looks very weird) and try to avoid death. But this, of course, can not be done the first time. Despite the cartoonish style, give play is still not recommended. But if you have a healthy degree of cynicism, then Dumb Ways to Die 2 will be of your liking. And don’t forget it’s just a game.

Download: Dumb Ways to Die 2

The Battle Cats — Where the same without cats

Do you like cats? Believe that your cat is the smartest of them all? Then The Battle Cats is a game for you. Your task is to create the most elite cat army in the world and eventually conquer the entire planet. The game is very easy to learn and management is very convenient. The Battle Cats in fact is a common game that has hundreds of levels. But tell me, where else you will be given the opportunity to take over the world with cat army? If you like this collection, then follow us. We regularly inform you about the most interesting apps and games.

Download: The Battle Cats

Off Heads — the Head is not in order to think

Heads Off is probably the most ridiculous game that we have ever encountered. The goal here is to keep the falling of the head from sliding into the ditch, and it’s not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Visuals it has a quirky and fun labels and then popping up on the screen, complete the ideal atmosphere of madness. However, if you are such like, you will be able to appreciate the fascinating gameplay.

Download: Heads Off

Day Off — Hey, weekend!

The perfect game to play on Friday. Day Off puts you on a chair (literally) a disgruntled employee who just wants to take a day off. Next on this chair you will need to fly around the office and surrounding territories in order to escape from the “evil boss”, which only wants you back on the job and worked 24/7. Oh and don’t forget to do a few flips on the way this weekend. The boss just hates them.

Download: Day Off

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