Style “documentation rather than a creation” in the digital content industry

Industry digital content has become a craft anyone can do, also can -in many cases – turn them from a hobby and a passion into a livelihood and earn money, it is no longer a question: Can anyone become a Maker professional? On the table in the past, because the answer has become easy, which is (yes).

Yes anyone can become a maker of digital content, the content is no longer necessarily the text, not necessary to own a personal blog hosted the annual knowledge of some technical things, if you are not able to formulate sentences and phrases beautifully and the style is eloquent, it is never a problem, you can simply visualize yourself and you give some quick tips and then posted the Exchange on Instagram where they and if you have a lot to offer, so uploading videos to YouTube, simple as that.

It is not difficult to open an account in the largest platform to host visual content (youtube) as it is no longer hard to possess a digital camera in this age, in fact those cameras have become accompany us always and our pockets, if the tools are available and quite simply, there remains the main thing: content.

Let’s talk first about Gary Vee

(Gary Vee) is one of entrepreneurs and officials who are active in social networks, while he is busy with his company specialized in New Media and its activities are different, but he does not cease daily publication in multiple platforms, social networks, mainly youtube, but how he did it all and where to find time for activity in social networks?

Focus “continental” on the industry visual content in particular, and say it in YouTube added new video every day, in fact; it is not holding the camera myself and then editing and editing of video every day, but this leaves the officer to do so, he focuses on the content itself.

But the production of content in and of itself is something that requires time and effort, and requires that the person decides to think for several hours each day to produce a new video or write an article or designing some images to his account in Instagram, it needs to change and then research and read the sources and then speak in front of the camera after that be ready to make what he has of information or experiences, but all this does not happen in regard to “continental” it follows the style of “authentication instead of construction.”

Documentation vs. Creation

One of the tips that devote their “Continental” is that documenting your trip rather than concern yourself with making the content of “wonderful”, or to put it his original (Document. Don’t create) and has been devoted to this topic blog independent in his position and talked about it in several videos in his channel site, which applied this concept, which helped in the digital content industry extensively and published across the World Wide Web, in addition of course to assume some employee of His to perform some technical tasks during the content industry.

The idea simply is that trying to convey Your Experiences and your experiences that you get during your journey to achieve a certain goal, then you share it with others through your blog, your channel, or any way other digital, it is necessary to become that person crafted such industry or skill until you start making content and public space in the digital world.

Of course, not intended here is a fatwa what not you knew, or the dissemination of false information in the field of the board, but the story that every human being is the ultimate seeker of knowledge, there is no limit or end to work, there’s always more to be gained, the wearer can anyone during the trip up to catch his camera and speaks to the best of it and respect it, or talking about those failed experiments that got him which learn from them a lot.

This way it will not be necessary to allocate a great time in the content industry, especially from industry, visual content and publish it on YouTube, then you go on your way without affecting the digital publishing on your core business, because you document and change some of your working life or career, and with the days and months and years you will back and find that you have left a great legacy that everyone can benefit from them free of charge.

Life is a journey in itself, learn from them lessons that you may not find it in any book, get out of them wisely, and the most important of science, the wisdom the nomination seeker in the journey of life towards success and salvation in life and after life, there are lessons we learn constantly in this life, we can share unlike butter, those lessons in the digital space for the benefit of those of is in the beginning of the road, it has to be a reason to farm and discretion.

Practical application

There are many examples that can be applied across this style in the publishing industry, Digital Content, a student at the University after stepping a year or two in his major that begins in the deployment and simplification of some of the science acquired to the average man gas specialist, especially when he notices his specialty People’s lives, this will be several benefits, not only in building an audience interested in the same field, but also stimulate the For more than for publication.

There are many examples in the Arab world, people part-time for YouTube, but they are filming and publish videos while managing their business and do their mission, engage others some of their work, including the engineer goni soldiers who publishes in his channel content that the architects of the building since 4 years till today, and now you think his mask is one of the Arab sources is possible in this area.

He says “Gary Vee” to continue his life normally, talk with others individually, and collectively in conferences and events and many, speaks in front of the camera carried by the person employee has accompanied constantly, and at the end of the day, is the use of video one carries the best in that day, and him in his mask, so he makes the content without having to devote himself to making his collection, documenting and recording the course of his journey and interaction with others in his field, and then activates and continues in Publication.

In the end the digital content industry is not only to share in knowledge and experience, it is true that there is a considerable of content that comes out from this definition, the content of which can be described as “trivial”, which, unfortunately, attracts a lot of viewers and followers, for this reason and other reasons, it became necessary to publish and the content you. if you have something worth publishing, if you have something that can help in industry awareness and knowledge dissemination among the youth of the nation, the authority of Science and knowledge is our first weapon in our knowledge of current and upcoming.

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