Subaru plans to sell electric cars only by 2030

Avoid a lot of car manufacturers to allocate part of the company’s production electric cars, and have revealed Subaru plans to produce electric cars only by 2030.

The company stressed that Subaru Japan today on rumors that spread a while ago now, about the company’s transformation to fully for the production of electric cars, as pointed out in the comments that the company stop manufacturing cars that depend on fuel in 15 years.

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Announcement comes Subaru today as a result of laws and regulations strict new which confirmed the high proportion of fuel emissions on the world level, which comes to the highest level in China and the European Union in particular.

It is planned to start a company to shift the production of electric cars gradually over the coming years, where the development of two new electric vehicles now in collaboration with Toyota, which owns 8.7 per cent of company of Subaru, to be officially launched in 2020.

Is expected to reach a production Subaru of hybrid electric vehicles in 2030 to 40% of the global production per annum of the company, is also expected to start a company in investment to support the technology of electric cars Toyota in cars Subaru.

I have pointed out a spokesman from Subaru that despite the use of the company to Toyota in the hybrid car, except that Subaru is seeking to produce a car that clearly express the relationship of the Subaru brand.

Also confirmed Tetsuo Onuki that the company’s decision for this move does not come as a result of the wishes of the police in reducing emissions of carbon dioxide only, but the result of the wishes of the company also in improving standards of safety in the production of the company.


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