Submitted 6 Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro. The same eggs, only in profile

Xiaomi company today in Thailand, introduced the Redmi Note smartphone in 6 Pro. First, I note that on the official Chinese website of this model yet, and secondly, remembering the history with different names of machines in the line of Redmi 5, we can assume that in many markets this model will be called Redmi Note 6, but this is not accurate.

In General, leave the questions of naming, we move on to the delicious. Although still on probation. As in the case of other models of the Redmi line 6, in front of us malozemelnyh predecessor. It’s the same Redmi Note 5, only with the neckline.

See for yourself, here is the same Snapdragon SoC 636, the same dual camera on 12 and 5 MP, battery 4000 mAh, the same design and so on. Differences a bit. First, frontalka now also double: 20 and 2 MP. Secondly, the display is now cut by 6.26 inches with a Full HD+. RAM then 4 GB flash memory — 64 GB. I think there will be other versions. In Thailand this costs $ 215. In General, given the long-standing already cheapened Redmi Note 5, did not see the point in this new product, but as anyone.

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