Submitted to the VR-helmet Oculus Quest: wirelessly and with six degrees of freedom

Just think about 20 years ago, people admired pixel video games on television consoles. Over the next years computer games have improved in terms of graphics and gameplay, and as a result the industry has introduced a whole new level of immersion in games — virtual reality. One of the first helmets that allowed to log into the virtual space, became the Oculus Rift. Then Facebook (owner of Oculus) submitted it to a budget version of Oculus Go. Now is the time helmet that combines features of these two devices became the Oculus Quest.

The announcement was made on September 26 in the framework of the fifth conference Oculus Connect. According to the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, the device has become the ideal system for VR-immersive: it is free from wires, equipped with controllers, and catches every movement of the person. It is designed primarily for games and closes the first generation of devices, opening the way for new models.

For work Oculus Quest does not require a computer or smartphone — calculations are in the electronics hidden inside the case. Unfortunately, the amount of RAM used by the CPU and battery capacity are still kept secret.

The head movements of the user are recognized thanks to the Oculus Insight. Included in her four sensors create a 3D map of space and recognize six degrees of motion of the user’s head. Unlike Oculus Go, there is the possibility to move freely around the room and picks up head movements in any direction.

The resolution of the displays directed at each eye, is 1600×1440 pixels. Capacity of built-in storage is 64 GB — it holds 50 games. Among them are the Robo shooter Recall that previously required the presence of the helmet Oculus Rift and a powerful computer. Used to control two controllers with the standard action buttons, triggers and analog sticks.

The start of sales of the helmet Oculus Quest scheduled for spring 2019. The cost will be $ 399.

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