Suing several companies, including Apple, Google?, Amazon to sell thousands of recordings pirated

مقاضاة عدة شركات بينها آبل وقوقل وأمازون لبيع آلاف التسجيلات المقرصنة

Copyright constitute a real headache for many large companies competent in the content View or open the folder to sell it in case it was visible or even audible, which is set by a number of technology companies in the United States currently because of the thousands of recordings that are sold on its platforms.

Terms of raising the heirs of the composer of the late known Harold Arlen’s case against a number of companies due to their contribution in the process of hacking large for its sale, were among companies both Apple and Amazon, in addition to Google, Pandora, Microsoft and is from large companies that provide music content for users across its platforms.

And heirs in the case that there are more than 6,000 registered pirated is to sell them without any license or permission even knowing who’s selling it that’s not authorized.

Was Harold Arlen from famous composers of Hollywood movies in the last century with famous movies like The Wizard of Oz and A Star is Born. But it seems that because of his death about 30 years ago some thought they’re able to sell the content registered in his name without any problems, but I inherited them had another word to raise the issue of 148 page containing 216 claim over the ownership of thousands of recordings.

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