Suit against Samsung demanding compensation of 3 million dollars, you know the reasons


Came the latest lawsuit in a patent war which doesn’t belong to OF share Samsung, is being sued the South Korean company in the Court of Texas by a company PACid Technologies, an American company to encrypt data.

According to the website GSM India, revealed file a lawsuit that Samsung violated three patents on encrypted biometric data, the report claims 2.82 billion, which help the proceeds of the sales of all major versions since 2016 that include these techniques stolen.

And company PACid Technologies that most of the models leading, including phones Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 edge, rekha S7, & Galaxy S7 edge rekha S8 rekha S8+, equipped with the software that manages the encryption methods your company’s data, including operating systems, biometric Pass system Knox, perhaps the $ 2.82 million to help offset $ 3 dollars for each smart phone sold.

Commented a representative of Samsung Electronics to the South Korean media that the company “plans to look for countermeasures after reviewing the claims filed by PACid”

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