Summary announced by Adobe at its Adobe MAX 2018

ملخص ما أعلنت عنه أدوبي في مؤتمرها Adobe MAX 2018

If what we talked about the largest companies in the world, especially in the area of services and applications, the Adobe will be one of the most important and most companies that touched the lives of users through the application of their creative, as well as service by the cloud bulk provided by the companies and business owners.

The company has its annual conference under the title Adobe MAX 2018 and covered by several news, but we figured we’d summarize it in one size it will be easier for the user. Which is what we have to say to you.

New updates for the applications of company and its services on its platform Cloud Creative Cloud

As is customary with any application, the new innovations will be released with time to improve user experience, which is given by the company to update the application Photoshop CC and add the advantage of Content-Aware Fill, as well as to improve the application Lightroom Classic وLightroom CC to design the image more realistic, and is similar with Illustrator CC provide greater options for delivery, next to the application to InDesign CC, which develops a service to move your graphics and design with options multi, how to apply Dimension CC became more rapid. Away from the sound, was it similar to the development of video and animation with After Effects and Adobe XD.

Application launch Premiere Rush CC for the video industry

Premiere Rush CC

The company announced the new application on behalf of the Premiere Rush CC aims to provide a unique opportunity for content through the production of videos on social networks is fast and easy; and in particular targeting the Adobe the makers of content on networks such as YouTube into without the need to get content with high quality. The application relies on the integration of the internal engine in Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC to provide design options, Editing. The application would be at the price of 9.99$, it will be priced at 19.99$ for multiple users, while it will be priced at$ 29.99 businesses, this fee per month and user with 100 GB of cloud storage space with the possibility of increasing it to 1 Tera bytes.

Provide application Photoshop CC and project Gemini for iPad

Project Gemini

There was a permanent lack in the presence of design applications efficiently on smart phones or tablet devices, Adobe said last year they will change that, which is what happened in the conference last detects application design-rich on definition Photoshop CC for iPad possibilities great in 2019, hoping to launch it for other devices later.

As Adobe is announcing the launch of a tool or Application Project Gemini to provide the experience to draw different users and easy through the touch screen for the tablet, especially since it will be released first on the iPad in 2019. Which the user can enjoy many of the tools for the application of Photoshop CC, as it can be to sync the two applications together to work on the same project.

New tools to assess the experience of the new design using the techniques of augmented reality

Project Aero

On the same side was the tool of the Project Aero of more creations made by the company in its conference, where they present the experience of graphic design using the techniques of augmented reality. Where the goal of the tool use techniques of reality in helping to design the sound and movement, in addition to a preview of some on the ground using augmented reality.

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