“Sundots”.. like a mother she would take care of you from the sun’s harmful rays

We all know that sun exposure is extremely harmful on our skin, and to sunscreens Sunblock, though important, is not sufficient to obtain the maximum protection that we need, and the rays of the sun can up the damage to the body although the use of these paints, which sometimes develops into cancer of the skin.

And the scientific studies and research that sunscreen, which requires the paint on the body every two hours approximately and prints thick, he can’t stand completely from harmful UV rays, and a third protective materials that have been tested not only provide half the protection required, cost of material is extremely large, besides they contain toxic chemicals, including a substance dioxins oxybenzone, which is responsible for hormonal disorder.

The pills “Fund” Sundots it can protect the entire body from the sun’s harmful rays, which by the way is the harm outside of the summer, in winter and in the shade and while sitting in the car, office or home, while the “Fund” Sundots can provide that protection all the time.

According to a crowdfunding campaign for the product “box”, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, the “box” is the product of 30 years of research at Harvard University, which contains all the values that the body needs of vitamin D3 daily.

Space effective in pills “Fund” Sundots comes from the plant “polypodium leucotomos” which grows in Ecuador, which owns the sea amazing anti-inflammatory skin, and provides comprehensive protection from sun damage by strengthening the ability of skin cells to resist the damage of ultraviolet radiation, and the oldest document about the usefulness of the plant to the Spanish Explorer “hipólito Ruiz” in 1788, which is monitoring the adoption of the ancient cultures in central and South America on the plant for several centuries.

Pills “Fund”, says the innovative, highly secure, and does not contain any genetically engineered, and made in the United States of America, and in their manufacture materials Membership useful. Can I buy a “box” via a crowdfunding indiegogo at $ starts at $ 85 for three bottles (1,500 pounds).

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