Supervisory Authority the Italian to fine Facebook $ 1 billion after the scandal of the Cambridge Asia

هيئة الرقابة الإيطالية تغرم فيسبوك 1 مليون دولار على إثر فضيحة كامبريدج أنالتيكا

It seems that the race you haven’t done yet to face the consequences of help in dealing with the vendors and the users of their social platform and diversion, the last one slaps received by the Police Authority Oversight and protection of the user is Italian and a fine worth $ 1.1 million to the American company because of the scandal leaking data users the Cambridge Asia.

Where it came to determining the value of the fine in accordance with the Italian law on the protection of data and privacy of the user, which was applicable at the time of occurrence of the violation of the social platform.

Prior to entering law new European force, where the amount of the fine in accordance with the law of the latter to 4% of the value of the annual gross income of the company or the social network leaked the data of the users.

To do this the value of these fine imposed on Facebook is very slim compared to if you were approved according to European law, which may amount in fines to more than a million with a company the size of Facebook’s income in its annual high in the case involved her fully in the registration process.

In the comments of the spokesperson of the house on the subject said that the company has taken many measures and procedures for the security following the leaks of the Cambridge Asia, most notably to identify information and data that may up not the developers of third-party applications.

The company has also invested more heavily in the field of protection of user privacy through the use of new techniques and partnerships with others castrated in this area, which included procedures preventive recruit 20,000 new employees last year focused their mission on security and the protection of privacy.

It is worth mentioning that the issue of leaking data to these users, which has become known worldwide as the scandal of the Cambridge Asia have consumed 87 million users were exploiting their data by a data analysis company in the U.S. Election 2016 in the adopted Facebook in Arabic last year.

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