Supplement ” Pixel Stand ” may be permitted to upload phone Google Pixel to the amplifier intelligent health

Google Pixel 3

Come Google with many manufacturers to launch smart screens to compete with the smart screen Amazon Echo Show from Amazon. The first screen of the smart of the company Lenovo knew it would become available for purchase soon. However, it seems that the company Google is working to provide a cheaper alternative for customers who are considering buying the next generation of phones Google Pixel. There is a new supplement called” Pixel Stand ” may be called using Google phone and the new microscope’s smart for health.

Appeared some evidence of having been checked the source code for the trial version last of Google. There are some code about the file ” Pixel Stand ” refers to what will users on the screen when they put their phones in the supplement.

Indicate the one code that if the user’s smart phone to identify the ” Pixel Stand ” as a base for establishing reliable, it will be able to call the digital assistant Google Assistant even when the smartphone is locked. Will become Google Assistant is then able to access his information, and make recommendations, and respond to voice commands, just as is the case in amplifiers smart Google Home.

There’s a possibility that you know the company Google ” Pixel Stand ” as a base for the wireless ad hoc phone Google Pixel 3 and the Google Pixel 3 XL when it is issued later this year. This would eliminates the need for users speakers, smart health, in case if they don’t need more than a speaker one clever health.



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