Support ARKit 3 will receive new devices

At the conference for developers WWDC 2019 Apple introduced a new version of the ARKit 3, but also announced a series of new tools for creating augmented reality: Reality RealityKit and Composer. It was assumed that support this option will have all the devices starting with the iPhone 8. But as it turned out, the company has restricted the operation of ARKit 3 on all older devices.

What devices will support ARKit 3

During the review lectures WWDC 2019, it was announced that ARKit 3 will be supported only the new iPhone and iPad. In the list of devices includes iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, XR iPhone and tablet computers iPad Pro last generation. This is due to the fact that the new technology of augmented reality is extremely demanding.

Technology ARKit 3 is remarkable because it allows you to spot people in augmented reality, as well as to capture their movements and transfer them to virtual objects. In addition ARKit 3 can now work with two cameras simultaneously — as with the front lens and the main modules.

New development tools

In addition, the company introduced a development environment RealityKit that includes technology, photorealistic rendering and blending, as well as support camera effects, such as noise and motion blur.

Apple also announced a Reality Composer editor augmented reality for iOS iPadOS and Mac. Thanks to this application, developers can create prototypes and working models of augmented reality, having no experience in 3D design.

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