Supporters of the work Facebook thinking to move away from the project

Continue to work the Facebook digital named Libra (Libra) more problems, as triggered legal scrutiny intensified in the digital currency worries and the fears of some supporters, investors, early adopters of the project, as reported by the newspaper Financial Times.

The newspaper said: if some investors are natives in the digital currency project on Facebook thinking about the adventure, explaining their concern to the attention of the executive overtime would put pressure on their business to the other.

Said two supporters of the project said to the press: they’re worried about the lights, the executive attracts a crypto-currency and they cut ties, in a newspaper said: the three in favour of the early. at least they discussed the dimensions themselves from the process.

And the eight members of the twenty in Union Libres, which includes (Visa) and (Mastercard); and (Uber); and (Spotify), with an investment of at least $ 10 million in the project, which was revealed by Facebook in the month of June, with the aim of changing the global payments market.

Raised digital currency project proposed a violent reaction from the oversight bodies of the International and politicians, including an official investigation by antitrust officials in the European Union.

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Issued by the officials of the data protection in the United States; European Union; United Kingdom; Australia; Canada this month a strongly-worded statement on privacy concerns.

He also raised the project also concerns about the risk of money laundering, tax evasion and breach of the financial stability of the wider, along with attracting business interesting American political.

Explained one of the supporters of the Project Concern support LeBron publicly for fear of attracting the attention of the agency that oversees his own business.

Said one of the founding partners: I think it would be difficult for partners who want to be seen as they comply with the regulators to be supportive of the draft LeBron.

Led away supporters of LeBron from talking publicly about their support for the digital to sense the Facebook outrage from the members, and with the growing tension between Facebook and its partners, the organizers are facing scrutiny in the proposals Libres.

While the founding members for the LeBron generally support the concept of a new currency that can expand financial inclusion, except that two of the companies said they conducted thorough discussions about what the next steps are correct.

Said one of the supporters of LeBron: he should make some conversations about organizational aspects before the announcement of the work, so in order to try to understand how the sword of the producers, and prevent a lot of feedback.

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