Surface folding of Microsoft may support Android apps

The report revealed by Forbes recently for more details about the device associated with the folding Surface from Microsoft, where the report indicates that the device is the folding screen will come double the size of a 9-inch supports LTE networks, or 5G, the report also indicates that it will launch the device in the first half of 2020.

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It is not even clear now what you mean exactly with “folding”, it is possible that this refers to dual-screen, foldable, and flexible, can be folded already. I have noted previous reports that Microsoft is preparing to add the operating system Windows 10 for Surface next.

And most importantly, pointed out the report via ZDNet that Surface high will support Android apps. Although it is not confirmed that information explicitly, but it will be a surprise move for Microsoft.

It has pointed The Verge to make Windows 10 compatible with Android apps will require considerable effort, and where you are likely to need Microsoft to create an Apps store of its own separate from the Google Play Store to complete this process, as will need to the developers also to do some steps to improve the current applications follow the Microsoft.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft will Android apps on its statute Universal Windows UWP, which will allow developers to create applications that can be run on multiple types of devices, including phones, tablets and laptops. But did not bring the company great success in persuading developers to create these apps, it seems that they dropped recently from the statute.

Of course, can Microsoft change its plans up to 2020, it is possible to prefer Microsoft’s trend to a completely different place after all. But it’s highly likely to jump on a hardware folding soon.


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