Surprise … Facebook record conversations on the phone. seems to

After the scandal of the Cambridge analytica, the direction of a lot of Facebook users Facebook country what he knows of them from personal information, many users pointed across the tweets to them on Twitter to find them on the records of the Office their phone messages SMS phone in the compressed version of the archive activities of their account that downloaded it from the site after the scandal analytica, and the data of more than 50 million user of Facebook.

The information obtained by users from the copy of the account activities of their CD to the record facebook the records of calls and messages for months and sometimes for years.

Reports the website Ars Technica to request Facebook powers to get contacts, messages and history of calls on Android phones Android to improve the organization of his case suggest friends to users, apparently, Facebook collects that data through the application for instant messaging Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger, so when you do it as an application default message to the phone, instead of applying the system default.

The main problem here is that Facebook is doing that years ago, at a time when statements access on Android phones less limited and clear from now, where I stressed Google remarks Data Access users of Android systems to become more obvious and limited. Despite the import of users, however, Facebook sees that it is normal to be able to applications have access to the records of the calls and messages, when you attach a copy of your contacts apps social networking.

On the other side did not find any of the users phones iOS version of their phone records for calls and messages on a Facebook account, despite the Eminence of the Apple for some apps blocking annoying calls and messages and of access to those records.

And explanation of Facebook to how the data collection and data sharing Opt-in via a blog posting last Sunday, but he did not explain why it needs such data as used by the.

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