Surveillance camera for every 4 people in the United States (report)

كاميرا مراقبة واحدة لكل 4 أشخاص في الولايات المتحدة (تقرير)

Highlighted a new report for the Wall Street Journal highlighted the statistic IHS Markit global competent in the collection and evaluation of information services that the world will million surveillance camera by the year 2021.

So that China will raise the number of surveillance cameras to 560 million camera in 2021 for the record the highest in the world for surveillance cameras, followed by the United States, which will increase the number of cameras to 85 million camera.

Taking population into account, we see that both the United States and China at the same level in terms of number of residents to the number of surveillance cameras, where there was almost a surveillance camera for every 4 people.

China in 2018 they own 350 million surveillance camera the equivalent of one camera for every 4.1 million, while in the United States there were 70 million camera 4.6 women per camera, while dissolved Taiwan ranked second at the full rate for 5.5 million followed by the UK and Ireland with a camera for every 6.5 million people and Singapore with a surveillance camera, one for every 7.1 million.

But you have to take into account the different purpose of putting surveillance cameras between the two countries mentioned, the United States, according to the report placed for the purposes of business mainly; in China they are to impose control over the video recording on a large scale in the cities where they support the cameras and facial recognition technologies.


The Wall Street Journal

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