Surveillance cameras are smart and offer us the properties and characteristics of

Is the Internet of things in the penetration into our lives more and more, and with this penetration, become more intelligent hardware, not the human intellect is known, of course, but I think in the technical community that we call devices that may manage itself and communicate with other devices as smart, or catch-word (smart) is accepted to distinguish from the previous version that was offered to features and characteristics is limited.

Surveillance cameras like other technical devices, it has evolved and improved and the Internet to form what is called the home smartphone, as manufacturers are continuing in development for the satisfaction and the desirability of customers, those who are afraid for their homes or their properties less of those cameras on their behalf if they are absent, and even persons living in the safest area, they want to control their children maybe, or manage their homes remotely.

Let me highlight in this article on the cameras home surveillance or so-called (Security Cameras), the quality of which can be purchased for their installation inside and outside the home, we will try to the economy on products geared for the average user, not those systems are geared for large organizations.

1. Wireless connectivity

When you buy a surveillance camera intelligent, you will have two options, either cam slick, camera or no wire, the second type is which can be related to the modem or router via Wi-Fi network, you can call the local police or even the internet, which provide most of the products raised in the previous day, the communication the internet allows the homeowner to monitor, control and remote, you can watch what is going on in front of the lens from anywhere custom applications for each device.

2. An eye on the door.

Is a surveillance camera used as a puppy to the door, or rather: the bell of the door, which the surveillance camera, in fact it; we are talking here about the two products separate from each other, but those bells modern smart today cameras at the same time, providing products and services in the same device, so we can talk about this property key in some of the surveillance cameras smartphone, namely; the eye, on knocking at the door.

In the former the bells were good and precious are those which provide the feature of direct control with the (intercom) (Intercom), now those bells smartphone dual camera and connected to the Internet, to be able to the owner of the house to see it or talk to him which is inside or outside the home.

Products: Video Doorbell

Products available in the arena; the door bell of the firm (Ring) leader in this field, the company offers several bells start their prices from $ 99 for a product (Video Doorbell) which offers several features of which the most important is the possibility to see it via the app for your device from anywhere connected to the internet, as well as voice chat and other characteristics of the nurses.

3. Recording and motion capture

There are several essential characteristics available in ancient and modern army of surveillance cameras, such as Live streaming and automatic recording then keep the videos for a limited period the possibility of their participation in the after.

But one of the smart features available today in most surveillance cameras, is the label only, while the movement in the camera range (or the specified range), then keep them in external servers (mostly) and the possibility of return to it and watch them via the app of or via the website of the company.

Property more professional is to determine the scope of within the scope of vision of the camera is to be ignored, like you can ignore the street because people move constantly, while you want to focus on the private patio at your house or at the gate only.

Some cameras offer the option (sensitive to movement) then you probably don’t want them shopping as you move the fly in front of it, such as, or twice the little Cat on the wall.

Surveillance cameras and postpaid

Of important information that must know by all who intend to buy a surveillance camera intelligent, that most of those cameras require a subscription monthly or annually in addition to their original price, it depends the esophagus that will buy the camera and then enjoy all of the characteristics of nurses without paying a single cent, it may be that one of the cons of the devices of the Internet of things, in order to call your remote and the content inventory (video for example) must be a broker and a third party in most cases, stores that data in the cloud (in the internet), and storage services the cloud requires a paid subscription.

But though there are some surveillance cameras smart that you don’t need any monthly subscription or any additional expenses after the purchase, the camera provided by the Amazon company -mentioned in the next paragraph – or the cameras that you say -only – in storage in the internal memory or in the hard disk connected to inside the house.

Product: Amazon Cloud Cam

Company offers Amazon Surveillance Camera smart connected service to its cloud offering part of its service for free, you can buy the camera and enjoy jointly in the cloud service in order to watch videos recorded in and downloaded from the company’s servers for free, Free service allows you to review video recorded during 24 hours only, connect the -maximum – 3 cameras at once, and he wanted increase in the number of cameras Legionella paid subscription.

In general the camera is professional and their price does not exceed $ 120, in a feature motion sensor smart access photography in the dark intelligent alerts that reach the phone directly, as well as filming HD (1080p) and the angle of the filming of the petition, also can be linked with the intelligent assistant (Alexa), and for example can order the areas that Infuse you what his perception of the camera on the TV screen -associated – directly and you’re sitting where you are, it is worth mentioning that this camera is the camera internal (Indoor).

Camera internal or external

Of important information that you should know of the wants of the acquisition camera, intelligent surveillance, is camera type (Indoor) or (outdoor), of the first type are those custom cameras for inside the home only, and the second are the cameras to work outside the home, the most important feature in which it is against water, not affected by rain and even factors, weather fluctuations and different.

4. Voice control

Made some old surveillance cameras feature audio recording with the picture, to speak in the end video file integrated can watch and listen to the dialogue that goes on in front of the camera, but what is offered by modern cameras of today is a service to transfer photos to and from camera, not just in one direction but in both directions.

This feature is more important for the bells of the door smart, but they are also available for surveillance cameras normal which are placed inside the rooms in the house (like the camera Amazon’s the former), and water smart here that can talk to the person across the camera from a remote place, not only from the top floor in the house, but even if you are in a place of business away from your home, you can answer from knocking on the door and consult with them, or with your son when you see him play all the time, remember that studying his lessons.

Product: Nest Hello

Provide us company Nest cameras and intelligent monitoring of the various uses in addition to doorbell smart offers many of the characteristics of the voice control with visitors to the region, in addition to photographed in high resolution and several other features.

5. Alerts to your smartphone

May be the property of the development of the most important characteristics which should be available in surveillance cameras smart, the faces are sent when movement occurs in the camera or the specified folder does not, such as sending the alert while knocking one your door, you want to know who is it or who’s hanging around your home, you can take advantage of this characteristic in many things, such as when you are watching your child sleeping through that camera or -maybe – a kitchen which is off constantly without to know of corrupt.

Property alerts can be sent when a certain movement, or sounds unusual, can also be sent via e-mail or to the phone app, the following product provides all of these characteristics:

Product: Arlo Pro

Is the external camera bear the consequences of the weather, rain, introduction of company arlo specialized in surveillance cameras, smart accessories, conceived with high accuracy and feature editing audio, night vision, and alerts up to your phone or email, the company also offers subscription-free cloud service which allows you links to the videos recorded in the last 7 days.

The prices of surveillance cameras

Because the cameras were provided by the reputed companies in this area are expensive -relatively – there are other products of lesser-known companies, but close in quality and make their products affordable, definitely may find esophagus a lot of products from East Asian markets, which may not carry well-known brand, but that may be her problems too much or the quality of their performance is not at the required level, the camera following provide good properties at a price not to exceed $ 40.

Product: Belkin NetCam

Company Belkin , which offer a wide range of technology products, accessories and small, have the product is a wireless camera carries some smart page which may be suitable for those who don’t want a lot of characteristics unnecessary and does not want you to waste some money in something I don’t want it, stop the camera at Amazon priced at $ 38 and the basic characteristics of any Surveillance Camera smart.

6. Accurate filming of high

Known that imaging in the surveillance cameras of old are not the quality of high accuracy, some cameras don’t even offer colors, some of the imaging at a rate of few frames per second (so the image appears like it’s intermittent) and that for several reasons the most important being to reduce the size of video files, especially in those systems that register all the time and the way most enterprises and business centers, but the camera home you don’t need to record everything, only when the movement or change in a particular target area.

With the development of imaging techniques in general, increased capabilities of surveillance cameras in the accuracy of Photography, the weak ones depicted accurately (720p) and accurately portrays the Full HD (1080p), this high precision allows watching the video, clearly seeing the fine detail which gives the advantage of these modern products.

7. Facial recognition facial recognition

One of the interesting characteristics available in a small number of surveillance cameras is Face Detection, and this feature can be implemented doors for several uses in everyday life, it is Security, you may not want to use notifications while entering the courtyard of your home of a family member, but when the person is a stranger and did not recognize the camera, then you need to use a notification directly to your phone wherever you are.

Product: Netatmo Welcome

Featuring the camera’s beautiful design and its ability to identify the relevant family members, where the creation of a profile for everyone in the family and through it can follow the person and record his presence during the day, you can use the alerts while bringing your son to the house, and not with respect to the device on the person, tells you to do so as well, as you can use the camera of the live broadcast and then the Live viewing via your smart phone or tablet, the apps for phones and tablets as well as smart watches.

8. Lens photography wide angle

While reviewing the properties of any surveillance camera, it is obvious that adhere to the corner of the imaging width of the space that the camera can cover them, because, as we know, the more the angle the more the camera cover more area, and it becomes even more important when placed the camera at the door from the outside, you’ll want to know all the details that spin when the door and the camera already close to the person knocking at the door.

Good camera that gives a viewing angle of more than 100, a lot of cameras filming an angle of 130, but there are other cameras filming at an angle to introduce, such as a camera D-Link depicting an angle of view of 180 degrees.

Product: D-Link DCS-2630L

Is Camera the introduction of the company D-Link, the most important feature is the angle of photography which up to 180 degrees, which gives a very wide scope to the vision of better place, as they depict a high resolution (1080 pixels), sensors, visual and audio and the possibility of voice communication via the built-in speaker and internal, does not provide a cloud storage service, the registration is in the internal memory and follow you through the app directly.

9. Control the weather and other things

Since the surveillance camera is installed in a fixed place and remain there all the time, so why not take advantage of parking her in some other things, such as measuring temperature and humidity, do some of the functions of security and protection against such events some of the noise in the place to disguise thieves, and other characteristics that can be added to the camera to perform other tasks at the same time, the area following leads that task.

Product: Canary All-in-One

Company provide Canary three products the phrase about the cameras observing different features, including a surveillance camera, which offered several jobs at the same time (Canary All-in-One), related to each camera wirelessly and can be controlled through the aid of smart (Google and) and (Amazon Alexa), the photography is high precision, high-visibility and night available, provide a property tracing of persons are available in beautiful design, Easy installation, and other characteristics.

Finally …

We know suita on several products compete to provide the best service and the characteristics of the most comprehensive, and there are many products on the market, and many of the products that appear and progress steps in the number of properties or perhaps in the Product Price, and we offered several products in a series of Kickstarter projects, those projects that are funded by the consumers directly, including these projects:

  • Camera to EverCam that last card by a full year
  • Door bell (belle) who learns to people and talking with them.


The surveillance cameras are smart and offer us of the characteristics and features appeared first on tech world.

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