Survival: 92% boys, Belocca-projects “live” for just over a year

In recent years, the number of blockchain-related startups has increased. In 2017 was held 871 ICO, developers of new projects managed to raise about $ 6 billion. Since the beginning of this year has carried out 777 ICO. The majority of these companies will collapse at the initial stage, according to CCN.

The fall of the ICO projects

Since the launch of the first cryptocurrency in the industry was based around 80,000 new projects. According to the Chinese government, only 8 percent of that number remained on the market. 92% of participants of the market had a short lifespan — the average blockchain project falls apart in about 1.2 years.

Current market trends the ICO commented the expert of Department of research cloud computing of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the PRC (CAICT) Heh Bohon.

New ICO disappear as quickly as they appear. That is why financial structures around the world are trying to develop common standards for market entry for all blockchain projects.

Baahon also published a report on the six most popular trends in the industry. In his opinion, it is now possible to observe the increase in the number of projects related to cloud computing in a decentralized manner.

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